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‘Marion von Tilzer succeeds where most musicians have failed in managing to harmonise eastern and western music without betraying either tradition’ — Michael Nyman, composer and music critic (UK)

‘… the repetitive ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is one of the highlights of this CD.’ — Kris Baetens, Kwadratuur about CD ‘Amstel Raga’ by the Amstel Saxophone Quartet

‘A successful fusion…’ — Armand Serpenti, about Kirvani Revisited,‘MIXED’,  (Holland)

‘…An outstanding album…’ — Opzij about Kirvani Revisited (Holland)

‘…An album of selfevident beauty…’ — Luister about Kirvani Revisited (Holland)

‘And not only was the choreography surprising and beautiful, but the original music, composed by the Austrian, Marion von Tilzer, was absolutely stunning.’ — Oeral Krant about the Dancetheater piece “Sirenade by Elshout&Händeler (Holland)

‘… The results is an ongoing interaction that allow for individual expressions as well as a spirit of togetherness…’ — NCPA, Bombay about the collaboration with Hindustani singer Neela Bhagwat. (India)

‘… Marion von Tilzer creates dancing lines before she explodes in a flurry of activity only to settle in a sea of calm…’ — Coda Magazine, Jerry de Souza (Canada)

‘… Rob Armus and Marion von Tilzer give each other lessons in both their vocabulary, which results in a group, that one can call unique…’ — Volkskrant, Koen Schouten about ‘Aros’  (Holland)

‘… Von Tilzer’s “Fugatisme” was another highlight and its serried arpeggios gave the classical trained pianist a chance to show off some power of her own…’ — Vancouver Sun, Alexander Varty (Canada)

‘From the very first moment Marion von Tilzer convinced me with her compositions, especially her personal musical language, that I want to call timeless and fascinating. One doesn’t often hear modern classical music which is also accessible for a broad audience.’ — Ben Verbong, Film Director (Germany)