Review by Adrian Quanjer – December 22, 2023

An accomplishment that hardly has any equal as regards sense and meaningfulness of Things. It makes one ponder over such often vague notions as destiny and purpose in life and creates self-reflection moments. Will humanity ever learn? This release is more than a compelling musical experience; it is a document that no one should miss.”

Blangy-le-Château, Normandy, France

Wonderful news at the end of 2023: Our album INTO ETERNITY has been rated as one of the top albums of the Dutch newspaper NRC. Amazing. It has been a very meaningful journey from finding this heartbreaking letter of Vilma, to meeting her son Frank Grunwald, writing the music and recording it with amazing musicians, Bella Adamova, Maya Fridman, Belinfante Quartet, Jacobus Thiele and Michael Hesselink, who brought the music to life. We will be performing the music throughout Holland and abroad over the next years and keep spreading the inspiring words of Vilma Grunwald into the world. 

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